digital world training

learn to live in our digital world

About Us

New times, New beginnings and Eternal Education.

In the beginning

Let's rewind 20 years or so When technology exploded into the lives of everyday users And some of us missed out on the introduction.

Well here it is...

Why not go back to the start

to understand or fine tune

  • What all the fuss of Technology is about!
  • How to stay safe and secure!!
  • Integrate technology into our ever changing lives!
  • Social Media – What is it? How does it work?

Moving Forward and beyond

technology has become an increasing part of our lives

Technology has the ability to extend our communication globally with ease, enhance knowledge at the push of a button and can provide us with a wealth of information previously only available in Libraries. It gives us the ability to change our world, the way we think and see into the future

What we offer

Our workshops are designed to help us all embrace technology and the digital world by returning to the basics to ensure you understand how it fits into your everyday lives.

Small class sizes and training for all ages and knowledge levels make the workshops a great opportunity for everyone to embrace and be a part of the Digital World. I look forward to meeting you in one of my Digital World Training workshops.

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Digital world training

Learn to live in our digital world