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Facebook Security

Security Starts With YOU!!!!!!

Growing up you may have been told by  family members that you do NOT discuss your problems or issues outside this house. Whether this be right or wrong, there is a point to this.  In years gone by you did not discuss your private information with a stranger on the street.

As we grow our knowledge and understanding of our world increases in most areas but occasionally we so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to check ourselves.  With the evolution of technology we are becoming reliant on our devices to remember things for us and we assume that when we purchase a device it will automatically be secure.

Well, this is true to a point.  The physical device is secure so far as when we put in our sim cards or connect to our internet at home there is some basic security but what about the “APPS” or “SOCIAL MEDIA” or “ONLINE ACCOUNTS”???

As a general rule the internet is a public space which can be used by everyone, therefore, it stands to reason that the information travelling around the internet is public.  So what about our personal information?

More coming soon!!!